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DELData VTU Services presents you with an innovative solution to top up airtime, recharge data, pay cable tv subscriptions, pay electricity bills and make profits. DELData VTU Services is a subsidiary of DEL Resources Concept (BN 2315597) to provide top-notch web services.

With our custom services on DELData Virtual Top Up, you can:

  • Top up airtime as low as N50 on MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile.
  • Top up data bundles instantly for all GSM networks in Nigeria.
  • Top up MTN SME Data Share instantly as low as N240/1GB for large-scale data vendors.
  • Direct Top up on MTN VTU SIM wallet available to vendors with MTN VTU SIMs.
  • Pay cable TV subscriptions (DStv, GOtv, or Startimes) instantly.
  • Pay Electricity bill payments (EKO, IKEDC, KEDC, IBEDC, AEDC, EEDC, PHED etc).
  • You enjoy unique bulk SMS service that delivers to all networks with custom reporting, so, you will never waste your SMS credits – Yes, it’s true!
  • You can transfer money instantly to any bank account in Nigeria.
  • Join our growing WhatsApp/Telegram group to keep learning, growing, & making money.

DELData VTU Services is your reliable, fast & strong Virtual Top Up (VTU) solution in Nigeria for all Mobile Recharges (Airtime & Data), Cable TV Subscription, Bulk SMS and WAEC Result PIN.

How does it work?

As a vendor (VTU Business Owner) on our portal, you’ll get discounts from airtime/data recharges on all GSM networks and pay less for cable tv payments.
However, your discounts and what you eventually pay is determined by your vendor level. We have 4 vendor levels; User, Reseller, Partner, & Legend. You can as well start-out as a Portal Owner. See table below for details;

For Example:

  • How Our Setup Work:
    ➡️As you register you start with User (default) account, this level is FREE. However, you can upgrade to enjoy further discounts…
    ➡️ Reseller funds ₦2,500; ₦1,000 will be credited to the wallet and ₦1500 will be the setup charge.
    ➡️ Partner funds ₦5,000; ₦2,500 will be credited to the wallet and ₦2,500 will be the setup charge.
    ➡️ Legend funds ₦8,000; ₦4,500 will be credited to the wallet and ₦3,500 will be the setup charge.
    The setup charge is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT and WILL NOT be deducted from subsequent payments when funding wallet.

We have 4 vendor levels; User, Reseller, Partner, & Legend. You can as well start-out as a Web Owner. See the table above.

  • How Our Discounts Work:
    ➡️ A Legend buys/sells GLO N1000 data, ₦960 (4% discount) will be deducted from his wallet/account.
    ➡️ For MTN SME Data; User: 1GB pays ₦295, Reseller: 1GB=₦285, Partner: 1GB=₦275, Legend: 1GB=₦265, and Portal Owner: 1GB=₦240.

You can transfer money instantly to any bank account in Nigeria on DELDataVTU.


Frequently Asked Question

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get started ?

Click on the REGISTER link to set up your FREE User (virtual top up vendor) account and fund your wallet… You start from there.


Can I upgrade my Virtual Top Up Vendor Level ?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your VTU vendor level at a prorated rate ( you’ll be charged only for the difference with the higher level ).

How Do I Fund Account on DELDataVTU ?

After you’ve registered, this is how you fund your account. Funding your account shouldn’t give you stress. We’ve made account funding process easy on our portal. We have two options: 1. Online payment through Paystack which automatically credit your account. 2. Normal bank transfer to our account. NB: ONLINE FUNDING OPTION (1) Whenever you’re funding through online option (1), always ensure you have a stable internet connection, and allow it to always load back to your account page.


Is there a referral bonus ?

Yes! Our vendors earn 10% – 15% (flat) instant bonus credited to their wallet (or Bank Account) when they invite others to join DELDataVTU: – Agent 10% bonus. – Reseller 10% bonus. – Partner 10% bonus. – Portal Owner 15% bonus.

How long do I get support ?

Forever. Just tap the WhatsApp icon and send us your challenge or request, we reply almost immediate.

As a starter, how much do I need to use and fund my account ?

You can fund any amount on our portal using the online option (1). For a start, first, be your own customer. Start buying little airtime or data you need continually from the portal. Get used to its menu and various services. You can make money from any of it.

Is there API ?

We have an API for developers. See the documentation (after signing in).


Can I have my own custom mobile recharge and VTU portal setup ?

Yes, this is our area. Please see details by clicking ‘HERE’.


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24 Jan, 2022

I'm so much love the service of DELData VTU Services's. I can say to you they are trust worthy and a page to paternal with in Your Business. Am rest to assure you that they are the best. I can endorse?? them there Services and they are right Online Business you can relied on. ?


24 Jan, 2022

Very reliable. This is what I regularly use to top up my airtime and data. pls give it a try and u will Neva regret it


24 Jan, 2022

Deldata Is very helpful, especially to make money in this lockdown. I strongly recommend it.


24 Jan, 2022

Is real! It's fast! They are my boss when it comes to Data and Cable TV subscription. I buy from them and sell to others! Try it!!


24 Jan, 2022

More improvement to be done


24 Jan, 2022

It's Effective and efficient. It's a 1 minute transaction and cheaper . It's provides you service at the comfort of your home. I recommend DELData services for all.


24 Jan, 2022

For your quick access to recharge be it phcn, cable tv, sms and others. DELData is the best and most reliable. No failure or delay on pin sending. It will safe you on a raining day like it did for me. Get on it please especially during this social distancing period, you will love it.


24 Jan, 2022

To make extra money, aside one's regular job.


24 Jan, 2022

Great initiative, fast and reliable service delivery! Kudos!

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